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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is responsible for resolving accusations of Honor Code violations. The office also provides educational resources for students, faculty and staff for promoting academic success through a commitment to integrity.

AcademyHealth GMU Student Chapter (AcademyHealth GMU)

The AcademyHealth student chapter will focus on enhancing the learning and professional development experiences for students in health services research and health policy

Access Islam (A.I.)

We strive to present Islam in a way that is relevant, and engaging to the Mason community while educating both Muslims & Non-Muslims about the vast wealth of spiritual wisdoms & virtues they can benefit from in learning about the Islamic Tradition

Active Minds

Active Minds is an organization dedicated to raising mental health awareness on college campuses.

Aerospace Engineering Club at Mason (Mason Aero Club)

The Aerospace Engineering Club is a student organization dedicated to exploring and applying aerospace sciences through projects, competitions, collaborations, and attending events.

Afghan Student Union (ASU)

The Afghan Student Union is dedicated to celebrating Afghanistan’s rich culture with George Mason University's staff, faculty, students, Mason community, and anyone who is interested in Afghan heritage.

African Student Association (ASA)

African Students Association is an organization that brings Africans and non-Africans together on common ground. It is meant to educate the public and portray the vision of Africa while informing it's members about Africa and its traditions.


A registered student organization sponsored the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University dedicated to creating a safe space for discussing current events, socializing, and student projects.

Águilas Mentoring Program (AMP)

Aguilas Mentoring Program provides freshman, sophmore, and transfer students with resources to allow for a successful academic and social transition to George Mason University.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association (AMSA)

To further the message of the International Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, through activities and events, based on the motto, “Love for all, hatred for none”.

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