Academic Reception Funding Application 2017

Important Information

Academic Reception Funding Application

Welcome to the Academic Reception Funding Application for Welcome2Mason 2017 (formerly Welcome Week). Please make sure to read all the information on this page, fully complete the application on the 2nd page, and submit the application on the final page.

Academic Receptions must follow the following guidelines to receive funding:

  • Be open to new students (freshmen, transfer, and/or graduate) to welcome them to the university
  • Have staff, faculty, and/or returning students to meet with new students
  • Be hosted by a Mason college, major, minor, or office under the Provost; all others should apply for programming funds through the Welcome2Mason Programming Committee

- All receptions are required to take place between August 26- September 16, 2017, to coincide with Welcome2Mason. No receptions are to be held on August 24-25, as this is The Preamble, a mandatory event for all freshmen.

- The majority of requests will not be fully funded and you should not be relying on funding from the Welcome2Mason committee to cover all your expenses. The amount distributed per event typically averages around $150 each year, depending on the number of requests we receive and the event.

- Applications are due Tuesday, August 1. You will receive a confirmation email on August 2 if you have submitted a request. If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact Emilie Dubert at

- You will be contacted via e-mail regarding the funding of your reception the week of August 7th. Any money you choose to spend over the funded amount will be the responsibility of your department or program. 

- After the reception has taken place please send copies of your receipts (do not send original receipts), along with the evaluation form (this form will be sent with the e-mail confirming the amount that your department will be funded) to Emilie Dubert, MSN 5G2. 

- ALL COPIES OF RECEIPTS AND FORMS MUST BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, 2017. A JV to your account will be completed in mid-October.

- Reimbursement for reception will be credited to your specified university account after the reception has been completed. Individuals will not be reimbursed. Departments are responsible for individual reimbursement should it be required. Departments will only be reimbursed for money spent, not money allocated.

- It is expected that all departments follow university policies for purchases. To find a list of approved vendors, appropriate expenses, sales tax guidelines, etc., please visit BEFORE you make purchase.

-  If you have any questions, please contact Emilie Dubert at or call ext. 3-2174.